Beginner’s Full Workout Routine: Putting on Mass

*This routine is to get you started on building mass in the main areas of your body, some more intricate/smaller muscle groups are not included

DAY:1 Arms (Duration ~45 min)

Preacher curls: 4 sets of 16 reps

Set 1: XX weight

Set 2: XXX weight (heaviest)

Set 3: XX weight

Set 4: X weight (lightest)

Tricep pulldowns: 4 sets of 20 reps

Set 1-4: XX weight

Barbell curls (straight bar): 4 sets of 10 reps

Set 1-4: XXX weight

Hammer curls: 3 sets of 14 reps

Set 1-4: XX weight

Barbell curls (easy grip): 3 sets of 10 reps (NO BREAK)

Set 1: X weight FAR GRIP

Set  2: X weight CLOSE GRIP

Set 3: X weight NEUTRAL GRIP

DAY 2: Chest, Shoulders, Back (Duration ~60 min)

Bench press: 5 sets

Set 1: X weight (lightest), 20 reps

Set 2: XX weight, 12 reps

Set 3: XXX weight, 8 reps

Set 4: XXXX weight (heaviest), 2-4 reps

Set 5: X weight (lightest), 20 reps

Shoulder press: 4 sets of 16 reps

Sets 1-4: XX weight

Seated row (cables): 3 sets 12 reps

Sets 1-3: XX weight

Seated dips : 4 sets of 12 reps

Sets 1-4: XX weight

DAY 3: Legs/Abs (Duration ~45min)

Leg press: 4 sets of 20

Sets 1-4: XX weight

Leg extensions: 4 sets of 20

Sets 1-4: XX weight

Seated calf raises: 4 sets of 20

Sets 1-4: XX weight

Abs: 50 crunches & 50 Russian twists OR 2 of your favorite abdominal exercises


  • 1-2 rest days per week (rest is needed for muscles to grow)
  • 2200 calories or more a day  (avoid fast food and junk food)
  • 80g of protein or more a day
  • a gallon of water a day (water is essential in muscle growth)


Need something to watch on YouTube?


This channel films four dudes from the UK who compete in fashion challenges and sport the sickest fits you have ever seen.

CRAZY SH*T: Ally Law

This channel is a crazy cat named Ally Law who climbs the tallest bridges and buildings with his mates then proceeds to try to escape from the police. Insanity.

LEARNING: Kurzgesagt- In a Nutshell

If you’re ready for your mind to be blow to pieces with facts about life, then this channel is a must-watch. The videos are well animated and filled with captivating knowledge. Your brain will feel a whole lot bigger after watching a couple of these bad boys.


These two lads really know how to make themselves uncomfortable in the most hilarious ways possible. Every video is a good laugh and what they do is decently interesting as well.

VLOG: Casey Neistat

If you want to follow what it is like to be a filmmaker in the glorious city of NYC then this is the man for you. His vlogs are well-constructed and he sports a very interesting life in the greatest city in the world.

FOOD: F*ck That’s Delicious (VICELAND)

Learn about culinary culture all around the world and find some local restaurant treasures with this amazing, unorthodox food show. Not to mention your host is Action f*cking Bronson.

FITNESS: Zac Perna

A very well ran fitness channel with lots of tips and tricks for bodybuilding. This Gym Shark athlete also does massive clothing hauls from that sponsorship.

Should You Go Vegan?

To answer this question quickly, most definitely you should. If it sounds hard don’t worry it is only going to get easier with time. Since more people are realizing being vegan makes sense, more vegan options are being provided at restaurants to maximize their economic growth as more customers turn towards veganism. You can also start slow by cutting out things slowly such as dairy then certain meats which is what I have personally turned towards to because just like you, I love certain foods that may not be vegan. If you need more convincing here is Gary Yourofsky to explain veganism in detail. By watching this video I can’t promise that you will go vegan, but I can promise that it will make sense now.

5 Most Important Albums of Our Generation


5. Take Care- Drake (2012)

Love, emotion, flow, bars, straight HITS. Nuff Said. The kids got to hear Drake in his prime.

4. Channel Orange- Frank Ocean (2012)

A less popular album, but still filled to the brim with realness. These slow jams shined a light on the small aspects of growing up and figuring out who you are.

3. good kid m.A.A.d city- Kendrick Lamar (2012)

The kids needed to hear real lyricism and Kendrick delivered with powerful songs about growing up and experiencing the ugliness real world and the importance of friends and family. It’s a crazy world out there and there is an age that you finally realize it.

2. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy- Kanye West (2010)

A Modern Classic, and the last album the kids had of “The Old Kanye”. This album is the epitome of art and creativity in a cohesive album. It is the pinnacle of Kanye West’s balance of creativity, bars, and powerful beats. It has Mona Lisa written all over it for our generation.

1. Man on the Moon- Kid Cudi (2009)

For our generation, Kid Cudi is for the Kids. This extremely powerful album spoke to many as Kid Cudi expresses what it is like to feel alone. Many kids have problems derived from feeling alone. “Man on the Moon” allowed them to connect with him through shared struggles. Truly Iconic.

Fitness: Bulking/Cutting made easy

These tips based off of personal experience and are completely proven to work time and time again for myself and other gym fanatics.

Gaining weight: Gaining weight and putting on muscle mass amounts to how much work you put into the kitchen as well as the gym. You do not need workouts longer than 45min each day to put on some massive size. Just remember that calories are key.

-Create a surplus of calories in your diet with plenty of protein and carbohydrates. Gaining weight is simply consuming more calories than your body burns. Key  foods to eat: (pasta, chicken, bread, rice). If you are eating over 2300-2600 calories a day then you will gain mass guaranteed; it really just amounts to how much you want it.


-Workout: Hit higher weights for lower reps and keep increasing the weight to your ability, remember stress makes you grow (It should hurt, but make sure to know your limits so you do not injure yourself). Also avoid intense cardio which burns calories.

Losing weight: Similar to what was stated previously, in order to lose weight you should intake less calories than you burn (1500-1800 calories a day is ideal).

-Drink plenty of water, it helps retain muscles as well as it makes you fuller longer (gallon a day). AVOID DRINKING CALORIES even smoothies and juices which usually have plenty of unneeded sugars.

-Avoid Carbohydrates but keep a high protein intake and eat healthy fats. Key foods to eat: (fish, plenty of vegetables, chicken, avocados). The importance of healthy fats is that it prevents your body from storing other fats.

-Implement cardio in your workout such as a 20min bike or run at the end of your lift. Increase reps at a lower weight.

Personalities to follow for more help: @ZacPerna @SimeonPanda @ChristianGuzman @UzomaObilor